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Farrah Abraham's Fake Boyfriend Denies Mental Breakdown Allegations

Couples Therapy star Farrah, who reportedly tried to fake a faltering relationship with Orlando-based DJ Brian to secure herself a spot on the VH1 reality show, is now in hot water over her claims that the real reason Brian didnt show up for therapy was because he was in the midst of a mental breakdown . I was Farrah Abraham sex tape told repeatedly, We want Brian to show up, Were trying to get him to come here, and He had a mental breakdown and maybe he would show up later, explained the reality star. But as time progressed it was like, hes really not showing up." Farrahs claims that her relationship with Brian was entirely authentic have continued to incense the DJ, who has fired back via his lawyer about these tall tales. My client [Brian Dawe] categorically denies that his decision not to appear on Couples Therapy had anything to do with any sort of anxiety or other mental health related issues, Brians lawyer, Brent M. Rainey tells RadarOnline.com . Brian, who was allegedly offered a cool $30K to pretend to be involved with Farrah for the reality show, may not have made off with any cash from his fake relationship, but at least he still has dignity. My clients decision was based solely on his lack of comfort, on a moral level, with the portrayal of his involvement with Ms. Abraham, added Brians lawyer, noting that Brian is at peace with his choice.

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